Unsplash by James Kresser

I've been having trouble lately feeling inspired. I just want something different, ya know? I'm still motivated by photography and film making it's just more the subject matter but I can't think of anything new to capture that would interest me. Decision. Anyways, check out my Unsplash page! I'm having such a great time uploaded some more photos over there! https://unsplash.com/@jameskresser


Perspective :: by James Kresser

There is something that I always found interesting. And I'm not sure if all creative/creators feel this way but it always seems that the photos/videos I've shot and I like the most everyone else seems to be really neutral or non caring about, but the ones they like I'm usually not the biggest fan of.

It's cool to appreciate that everyone has different tastes and styles. Just the nature of the beast I guess. I'll keep this short and sweet, check out these badass photos I took of Melyssa. Some of my favorite work to date.


Spirit In The Sky : Helicopter Tour Over Las Vegas by James Kresser

I work with computers as my day job, it has to be one of the if not THE most frustrating thing on the planet. Not everyone... well, pretty much nobody knows anything about the inner workings of computers. This makes is very frustrating for both me and the customers when it comes to helping them with their issues. Sometimes when I come home from work I really want to work on my passion projects like photography and film but I'm just so mentally drained from all the bullshit that I feel that I can't even think straight.

However, every once in awhile we have a customer that comes in and just gets it. They understand exactly what we are talking about and their is little to no hassle. AJ was one of those customers. We began to talk while his computer was in for service and he mentioned the he was a helicopter pilot and that he takes people on flights over the Las Vegas Strip. I so very much wanted to ask him for a ride but I hate it when people ask me for free photos. So I kept my mouth shut.

The next day when he came to pick up his computer he said that he was very thankful that we were so helpful and patient with him that he would like to take us on a helicopter ride over The Strip. Sometimes good things do come to those who wait? Anyways, check out this shots I grabbed!



Faith by James Kresser

I was looking through some old photo files I have on my external hard drive when I came across these images of my friend Faith. We met in 2014, maybe early 2015 while I was working as a manager in PacSun. She would come in shopping often enough that I knew her by name, I always looked forward to chatting it up when she stopped by. One day she mentioned that she was a singer and had a concert coming up and asked if I would like to attend. Being a huge music advocate like I am I answered with a big "Hell yes!". Since then I've been to several of her shows and have been blown away by the amount of talent that she has, you can mark my words when I say that one day she will be headlining major festivals and touring the world. Check her out on Spotify: "Faith Marie".

I had just purchased my Sony A7S ii and wanted to break it in right away, so I asked Faith to come hang. We found this abandoned parking structure in Downtown SLC and this is what we captured.



Monochromatic : Melyssa Grace by James Kresser

Sometimes while editing photos that I've taken I'll get the impression that they just don't feel right. I stare at the screen and think to myself "Is this the vibe or feeling this photo should give?", more often than not it isn't. Some photos or sets that I edit seem to come together without any trouble but occasionally I'll run into the Photographers version of "Writers Block". It can be very frustrating, especially in this case where I really wanted to include these photos in the final set. What I have learned is that instead of beating my head into a wall trying to make something work or feel right is to take a step back and approach it with something new. I decided to flip this photos monochromatic which is exactly what I felt they needed. Hope you all enjoy!