Faith / by James Kresser

I was looking through some old photo files I have on my external hard drive when I came across these images of my friend Faith. We met in 2014, maybe early 2015 while I was working as a manager in PacSun. She would come in shopping often enough that I knew her by name, I always looked forward to chatting it up when she stopped by. One day she mentioned that she was a singer and had a concert coming up and asked if I would like to attend. Being a huge music advocate like I am I answered with a big "Hell yes!". Since then I've been to several of her shows and have been blown away by the amount of talent that she has, you can mark my words when I say that one day she will be headlining major festivals and touring the world. Check her out on Spotify: "Faith Marie".

I had just purchased my Sony A7S ii and wanted to break it in right away, so I asked Faith to come hang. We found this abandoned parking structure in Downtown SLC and this is what we captured.