Spirit In The Sky : Helicopter Tour Over Las Vegas / by James Kresser

I work with computers as my day job, it has to be one of the if not THE most frustrating thing on the planet. Not everyone... well, pretty much nobody knows anything about the inner workings of computers. This makes is very frustrating for both me and the customers when it comes to helping them with their issues. Sometimes when I come home from work I really want to work on my passion projects like photography and film but I'm just so mentally drained from all the bullshit that I feel that I can't even think straight.

However, every once in awhile we have a customer that comes in and just gets it. They understand exactly what we are talking about and their is little to no hassle. AJ was one of those customers. We began to talk while his computer was in for service and he mentioned the he was a helicopter pilot and that he takes people on flights over the Las Vegas Strip. I so very much wanted to ask him for a ride but I hate it when people ask me for free photos. So I kept my mouth shut.

The next day when he came to pick up his computer he said that he was very thankful that we were so helpful and patient with him that he would like to take us on a helicopter ride over The Strip. Sometimes good things do come to those who wait? Anyways, check out this shots I grabbed!